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Best Spa in Glendale AZ
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Cancellation policy

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases...

Many first time spa goers ask "do I tip?". Leaving gratuity is always left to the discretion of the client. As in all service-related businesses, it is common practice to leave gratuity when the professional has performed a service to the client’s satisfaction. Customary gratuity in day spas is 20% of the full value of the treatment. This includes Groupon, Living Social, and other discounted deals. 

If you are feeling ill, have an unexplained rash, or a cold sore - please stay home and reschedule your appointment! Not only can these illnesses harm your esthetician, but recieving facial treatments while you are under the weather can worsen the severity of your ilness, and spread rashes to other parts of your body. 

Your time is valuable, and so is ours! For this reason, if you need to reschedule your appointment please allow 24 hours notice to avoid a late cancellation fee of 50% of your service cost. Emergencies happen, and that is understandable. If you have an emergency, please just let your esthetician know as soon as possible, and reschedule at your earliest convenience. Understand that a cancellation fee may still apply.